Things to Know About PSA N2 generating system and Membrane N2 generating system

Nitrogen is currently used in several types of laboratories, industries, mines, tank farms, etc. In several cases, the N2 pressure necessary is lesser than six bar. However, the N2 cylinders with high pressure are often deployed as a major source to produce N2. From the perspective of convenience, these cylinders are quite inconvenient as they’re risky. The best alternative to eliminate this issue is to generate one’s low-pressure nitrogen by installing a nitrogen generation system.

Nitrogen Generation System

How can I produce my nitrogen?

Pressure Swing Adsorption is used to produce low-pressure N2 by separating nitrogen and oxygen in the air. Oil-free and dry compressed air at a pressure of 7.5 enters the Pressure Swing Adsorption generators where the Carbon Molecular Sieves can adsorb the oxygen. As a result, pure nitrogen is produced as a gas. The nitrogen with a pressure of approximately six bars has to be stored within a receiver, and the same is extracted for use whenever needed. To ensure the nitrogen generators are completely automatic, necessary control and measurement devices are installed. Consequently, this process helps ensure that the N2 entered within the user equipment is entirely pure.

PSA N2 generating system

By incorporating a PSA N2 generating system, you can reap several benefits:

  • You can reduce the costs of nitrogen generation
  • The payback period is less than a year; consequently, the availability of fresh compressed air within the manufacturing facility can reduce it further.
  • It delivers N2 of consistent and better purity.
  • It can eliminate the hazards and risks associated with accidents that can occur while handling heavy N2 cylinders

Some applications of N2 generating systems include:

  • Molten metal degassing
  • analytical instruments
  • inert gas blanketing and purging
  • food packaging
  • in fluid bed dryers and air-jet mills
  • heat treatment
  • fire fighting
  • pipeline cleaning
  • tire filling

Membrane N2 generating system

Firstly, pressurized air is filled within one end of a hollow fiber membrane. Membrane N2 generating system consist of a group of holes found inside hollow fibers that are tiny enough to permit the exit of small oxygen molecules under pressure. The permeation rates of CO2, water vapor, and oxygen within the airstream are quicker than argon and nitrogen, which can quickly diffuse via the fiber walls. The slowly diffused nitrogen molecules can reside within the fiber bore, while most of them are gathered as the N2 product gas. The airflow rate determines the remaining quantity of undiffused oxygen that resides alongside the nitrogen gas. The nitrogen product gas has an atmospheric dew point below -40 degrees F while being extremely dry.

Oxygen generator

An oxygen generator releases gaseous oxygen through on-site compressed air while offering a safe, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to conventional oxygen supplies like cryogenic liquid and cylinders. You can contact the oxygen generator suppliers near you to learn more.


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