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GPCTEK CO., LTD founded in 2001, is a Nitrogen generator manufacturer; specializes in designing and producing of Nitrogen generating systems for various Nitrogen applications worldwide. GPCTEK is also a solution provider, working closely our strategic partners to provide a best in class solution to meet our customers’ specific applications and unique requirements. Over the past 20 years, we had an installed base of over 1,000 systems worldwide in the application fields of Electronics, Laser cuttings, Food & Beverage, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Metallurgical, Purging, Tire inflation etc…

GPCTEK is committed to providing innovative, high quality and cost efficient Membrane N2 generating system, Nitrogen generator systems and solutions to meet various customers’ applications and unique requirements.

We endeavor to equip our customers and partners with on-site PSA systems that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, safe, and reliable.

GPC Tek’s eco-friendly Oxygen Generators

Backed by revolutionary technology, we are the makers of one of the best O2 generators in the market today. With enhanced power consumption, our Suzhou-based factory has state-of-art facilities to offer our customers top-of-line gas generators.

Our system is the best with

  • Enhanced power efficiency and consumption
  • Climate-friendly system
  • Upgraded functionalities for extended life.
  • Meet international standards
  • Data precision

The PSA N2 generating system Technology ensures continued nitrogen supply for industrial uses with the highest purity standards using our cutting-edge nitrogen generator systems. We have an unmatched reputation in the field with the assured top-quality performance of our generators. Guaranteed for high flow and high purity of on-site gas generation requirements, our systems help eliminate the need to invest in bulk gas supplies from merchants and third parties in cylinders. With our O2 and nitrogen generators on-site, your workflow has access to the purest gas forms at all times. We have years of outstanding experience in the installation of these at the customer site.

Clean and simple technology of cleaning and extracting nitrogen from the atmosphere using the PSA process – we are experts in manufacturing systems to match your requirement, be it oxygen generators or nitrogen generating systems.

Our on-site gas generators are a practical alternative to gas cylinders. Innovative hydrogen generators on-site ensure hydrogen purification with negligible or no moisture and oxygen are now available at GPC Tek.

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Our Offices

GPCTEK Co., Ltd. Taiwan Office

GPCTEK Co., Ltd. Taiwan Office

GPCTEK Suzhou Factory

GPCTEK Suzhou Factory

GPCTEK headquartered in Taiwan and has an own factory in high-tech Industrial Development Zone, Suzhou China.

Our vision is to be a reliable partner to our customers. Our team strive to continuously establish new standards in our solutions to meet and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations.